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The main fields of the KPKproject if you will find:

1. Fleamarkets (Destinations, dates etc.)
2. Described collections of the KPKproject
3. The 160 km - SCHÖMBERG-Walk with international Award (IVV) - Guinness-record by myself -
contain description, rules, information about participation
4. Hiking/walking events  IVV (International Federation of Popular Sport)
 contain the "International Popular Sports Achievement Award"
5. Recommended routes and walks for hike
6. Vacations - events in various countries (Australia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey etc.)
7. An introduction about the famous collection of minerals - the RBmineral project
8. Information, concerts, reviews in the KPK's preferred Rock/Pop (Heavy metal) domain
9. Very special pages about the wider area of KPK's home town
10. Other topics you can discover in the KPKproject

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